20 kilometers due south of Phuket lies Racha Yai (also known as Raya) and we can easily get you there in an hour or so, with our Catamaran taking a very pleasant 1.5 hours to arrive. With its clear blue waters, white sandy beaches and numerous reefs and fish life its a great place for the kids and families to unwind.

Batok Bay on the Northwest coast is one of the more popular destinations as it has a gorgeous beach of powder-soft sand is the location of Racha Resort. It's perfect for lunch on the boat or if you want a massage on the beach or even a quick ice cream from the Italian gelato shop in the resort.

The surrounding waters are as clear as crystal; with many reefs and coral outcrops offering wonderful snorkeling and swimming opportunities. The visibility is commonly 30 metes or more; ideal for diving and snorkeling.

Batok Bay
Wonderful swimming and snorkeling
Crystal clear waters at the Racha Islands

Sometimes if you are lucky the giant Monitor Lizards, residents at the end of the main beach will have a walk down to the waters edge. Although not poisonous, they are wild and best viewed from a respectable distance.

Quite often we see pods of Dolphins off Siam beach, the longest white sand beach on the island or in between Racha Yai and Racha Noi while we are Game Fishing for catch Dorado, Mackerel and Tuna and other species.

There is much more marine life out there and its been known to see Whale Sharks and Manta Rays off the tip of Racha Noi.

To the south of the main island is Racha Noi which is uninhabited; it has one of our favourite beaches in the area which is only accessible at certain times and depending on the weather. It has crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches, which offer a complete getaway from the crowds and the perfect place to relax with friends and family!

The Racha Islands
Long white sandy beaches